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At PING, we respect your privacy.

We will not collect any personal information from you that you do not volunteer, and we are the sole owner of all information collected on this site. We do not sell or rent this information to others, nor is information shared in any way that is not mentioned in this Policy.

PING websites collect information in ways similar to other websites.

One way is to track which pages you visit using cookies, which allow us to improve the design and accessibility of the information on our website. The information collected includes the date and time a link was clicked, the amount of time spent on each page, the phrases typed in when searching the site, the zip codes and city/state combinations typed in when searching for retailers, etc. None of the information recorded in this manner is personally identifiable, and is used only to monitor usage and trends on the PING websites.

Another way information is collected is through The PING Locker Room, which allows users to subscribe to email newsletters, register their PING products, and participate in other community-related activities. Your email address is required during registration, and to ensure that only the legitimate owner of that email address is requesting to join, the email address must be verified by logging in with an assigned password that is emailed to that address. Registration information collected includes your name, address, and other demographic information that is used to help us better understand our membership and improve our products and services.

PING may also collect information that is voluntarily submitted and intended to be displayed on the site for other users to view, such as testimonials, feedback, and surveys. This type of submission may contain some personally identifiable information which will be displayed on the web site. In these cases, the user must indicate that they agree to the Terms of Use before submitting this information.

PING will not ask for credit credit numbers, your Social Security number, or any other type of financial or sensitive identity information. If you receive an email that appears to have come from PING that requests credit card or other financial or sensitive personal information, we recommend that you do not respond to it and that you do not use any links embedded in the email. If you have a question about an email that appears to have come from PING, contact PING by using the toll-free number on our Contact Us page.

By using our website, you give PING, Inc. permission to collect information about the pages you visit as an anonymous user for the purpose of calculating aggregate site statistics. If you become a member of the PING Locker Room and register any PING products, you authorize PING to use information you provide to personalize the information we deliver to you and to use your demographic information when calculating aggregate customer data. All mailing lists (subscriptions) are joined on an opt-in basis, and the member has full control of all subscriptions through their personal profile page.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at

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