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PING App Privacy Policy

Effective as of Monday, October 19, 2015

This privacy policy describes how Ping, Inc. (“Ping”) collects, uses, and shares the information we obtain from you when you use the PING App.



Personally identifiable information or “PII” refers to information that is directly connected to your name and may include things such as your e-mail address, mailing address, or telephone number. If we decide to collect PII we will ask you to voluntarily provide us with your name within the PING App.


We may collect information that is not PII. For example we collect information about your physical activity while you are using the PING App, such as your step count, heart rate, or calorie count. When you install the PING App you will be reminded by your iPhone device of these, and other physical activity related data that the PING App collects, and asked to provide your consent. We do not currently associate this information to your name.



Our primary purpose in collecting information is to help you track your fitness and activity level. We may use information to conduct research and analysis, to improve the PING App, or to provide you with information about our products.


If we gather information from the Apple HealthKit we will not use that information for general advertising purposes, unless permitted to do so by Apple’s terms of use. That information may be used, however, to provide you with information that will help improve your health or to conduct health-related research.



We share information monitored or collected by the PING App with the Apple HealthKit and Health App. As a result, information observed by the PING App may be stored by Apple on your Apple device.

We may share your information with companies that are affiliated with us (that is, that control, are controlled by, or are under common control with Ping). We will ask your permission before sharing any PII with third parties that intend to use the information to market their own products or services to you and that are not affiliated with us. If we gather information from the Apple HealthKit we will not share HealthKit data with third parties with or without your consent.


There may be instances when we disclose your information, including PII if we collect it, without providing you with a choice. For example, we may share your information to protect the legal rights of Ping, our affiliated companies, our employees, our agents, or our contractors; to protect the safety and security of visitors; to protect against fraud; for risk management purposes; or to comply with the law or legal process. In addition, if Ping sells all or part of its business or makes a sale or transfer of assets or is otherwise involved in a merger or business transfer, we may transfer your PII to a third party as part of that transaction.



If we collect PII we will use reasonable measures to help prevent it from becoming disclosed to individuals who are not described in this policy. While we attempt to protect the information in our possession, no security system is perfect and we cannot promise that information about you will remain secure in all circumstances.



Ping has implemented the following procedure that you may use to access, correct or delete any PII collected by the PING App and transmitted to Ping:

  • If you would like to know whether Ping has collected PII about you through the PING App, and, if so, the types of PII collected, please email or write us at the addresses listed below under “Communication.”
  • If your PII is incorrect, you may correct the PII by sending a written request for correction to Ping at the address below. Your request must include (1) all of the incorrect PII that you wish to change, (2) the corrected PII, and (3) your signature authorizing such changes. Ping will correct the PII in our database and send you a written confirmation.
  • If you are a California resident, you may ask us to describe whether we have shared any PII with third parties for their direct marketing purposes, and, if so, the categories of information shared and the names of the companies that may have received it. You may submit such a request by writing to us at the addresses listed in the “Communications” section.


If you are not a resident of the United States, note that PING is based in the United States and we may transmit information to the United States, and process and store information in the United States. In some situations the United States government may be able to obtain information that we maintain.



If you have questions or concerns regarding our collection and use of your PII or any other privacy or security issue, please contact:

PING, Inc.
2201 W. Desert Cove Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona 85029



From time to time Ping may revise this policy. If we make revisions that change the way we collect or use your PII, we will post those changes in this policy. You should review our policy periodically so that you keep up-to-date on our most current policies and practices. We will note the effective date of the latest version of our policy.

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