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Glide Forged

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Glide Forged

Designed in close collaboration with PING tour pros and company advisors, Glide Forged wedges are premium quality in their compact design, soft feel using 8620 carbon steel, high spin, and shot-making versatility. A unique customization program enables you to choose from multiple graphics and stamping options. 

PING Glide Forged Technology

  • Soft, Assured Feel

    8620 carbon steel produces an incredibly soft feel in the blade-style head. Every detail was covered, including milling the back of the wedge to create a distinct, appealing pattern. A tungsten toe weight adds forgiveness
  • address view of Glide Forged wedge

    Tour-Inspired Shape

    The small profile is complemented by the tour-inspired gooseneck-tapered hosel that allows for a smooth transition through grass and sand and provides a captured look.
  • Glide 2.0 Wedge Grooves Illustration

    Higher Spin for Control

    Patented, precision-milled, wheel-cut grooves enable grooves with a sharper edge radius, which increases interaction with the ball at impact, creating more friction for improved spin and trajectory control.
  • toe view of Glide Forged wedge

    Designed for Versatility

    A sole design with a rounded lead edge and more heel-toe camber allows for more shot-making creativity around the green. The face is machined flat to ensure consistent ball speeds, especially toward the toe, to improve accuracy.

Glide Forged

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  • Es handelt sich um Design-Spezifikationen, diese Aufgrund der Fertigungstoleranzen variieren können.
  • Der Lie Winkel basiert auf einem blau Colour Code bei Standard Länge.
  • The standard swing weights shown are with the True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 steel shaft.
  • The standard swing weights with other steel shafts will be approximately 1 point lighter.
  • Standard swingweights for graphite-shafted clubs are 2 to 3 points lighter than shown, depending on shaft flex.
  • Machbare Schwunggewichte sind abhängig von Schaft und Griff Kombinationen.
  • Verfügbar als Linkshänder und Rechtshänder Modelle.

cavity view of Glide Forged wedge
Glide Forged

Schäfte Flex Gewicht Abflugwinkel
Alta CB Iron Shaft
Soft Regular 66,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Hoch
Regular 72,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Mittel hoch
Stiff 83,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Mittel
PING AWT 2.0 Wedge
PING AWT 2.0 Wedge Shaft
Wedge 118,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Mittel flach
True Temper Dynamic Gold
True Temper Dynamic Gold Shaft
R300 121,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Mittel flach
S300 124,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Mittel flach
X100 124,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Flach
True Temper Dynamic Gold 105
True Temper DG 105 shaft
R300 95,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Mittel hoch
S300 97,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Mittel hoch
True Temper Dynamic Gold 120
True Temper DG 120 shaft
S300 112,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Mittel
X100 114,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Mittel
KBS Tour Shaft
Regular 104,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Mittel
Stiff 114,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Mittel
X-Stiff 124,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Mittel flach
Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 105
N.S. Pro Modus 3 105 Shaft
Stiff 106,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Mittel hoch
X-Stiff 112,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Mittel hoch
True Temper XP 95
True Temper XP95 Shaft
R300 93,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Hoch
S300 95,0gPing.Clubs.Specs.Weight.Units Hoch


  • After-market shafts KBS Tour, N.S. Pro Modus3 105, Dynamic Gold, XP 95 and Project X LZ are offered at no upcharge.

cavity view of Glide Forged wedge
Glide Forged

Griff Griffgröße Beschreibung
Golf Pride Tour Velvet
  • plus+1/16"Ping.Clubs.Grips.ColorCode.Size.Units
  • plus+1/32"Ping.Clubs.Grips.ColorCode.Size.Units
  • StdPing.Clubs.Grips.ColorCode.Size.Units
  • minus-1/64"Ping.Clubs.Grips.ColorCode.Size.Units
  • minus-1/32"Ping.Clubs.Grips.ColorCode.Size.Units
  • minus-1/16"Ping.Clubs.Grips.ColorCode.Size.Units

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet features a state-of-the-art rubber-blend compound with a non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability and confidence. The scientifically designed plus-sign texture pulls moisture away from surface to allow for consistent traction.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord
  • plus+1/32"Ping.Clubs.Grips.ColorCode.Size.Units
  • StdPing.Clubs.Grips.ColorCode.Size.Units

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord features state-of-the-art rubber-blend compound with a non-slip surface pattern and embedded cotton twill fibers for maximum playability and confidence in all weather conditions. The scientifically designed plus sign texture pulls moisture away from surface to allow for consistent traction.

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